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SEPTEMBER 24-27, 2021



Online course coming soon!  Spring 2022.  
Please contact Mallory if you are interested in learning more.

This September, I will be opening the portal to my underwater world. During this rare event, I will show you my process that has taken me over a decade to perfect.  We will cover all of the beginner pitfalls so you can dive right in to safely and effectively photograph your subjects in this stunning ethereal environment.  


Learn to create the images you have been dreaming about and reinvigorate your creative process by adding this specialized skill to your toolbox.  It will open up more possibilities for your commercial work, your fine art projects, as well as allow you to offer an underwater shooting session to your portraiture clients. This workshop will be packed with valuable information to get you started.  We are going to have so much fun!  




How to choose the right pool, model, crew, makeup, wardrobe, and how to budget for a successful shoot


How to work with your model, communication, breathing, weights, and shooting with available light


Fast track past beginner’s mistakes and make images you are proud of and excited to share





Kick off the weekend with a Welcome Dinner hosted at our workshop location, a private boutique resort.  Meet Mallory, her team, the models, and your fellow participants.




Morning seminar going over the fundamentals of an underwater shoot, giving you the tools you need to get started.  Then we will spend the afternoon in the pool.  We will put what we’ve learned into practice shooting with two professional underwater models.




Morning seminar and image review from yesterday’s shoot, followed by another afternoon of shooting practice in the pool with our underwater models.  




Our final morning wrap-up over breakfast and mimosas with image showcase and review of your favorite shots from the weekend.  Workshop concludes at noon.


Whats included in our workshop

SEPTEMBER 24-27, 2021


to claim your spot, non-refundable

AUGUST 24, 2021



  • Professional quality DSLR or mirrorless camera

  • At least 2 batteries with charger

  • Wide angle lens. Suggested lenses: 16-35mm, 17-40mm, 24mm

  • Memory cards and card reader. Suggested: at least two 32GB cards

  • Underwater housing. (If you don’t have access to a housing, recommendations to buy an affordable housing are listed on registration page)

  • Swim mask covering eyes and nose

  • Swimsuit/swim trunks

  • Oil-free water-resistant sunscreen.  It's important that the sunscreen be oil-free to avoid excess oil accumulating in the pool, which can degrade water clarity

  • Laptop with image processing software. (Lightroom or Photoshop recommended)

  • Notebook or something to take notes

  • Rash guard and hat are recommended. No wetsuit necessary


  • Artificial lighting (strobes, speedlight)

  • Scuba gear

  • Pets


  • Transportation/Airfare

  • Camera and lenses 

  • Underwater housing

  • Accommodations

  • Some meals: breakfast + dinner on Saturday/Sunday


Lucia Testimonial

Lucia Griggi

Thank you so much for the course and instruction. I found it truly beneficial and inspiring. Thank you for the time spent together. The course was valuable and the way things were structured was great. Everyone came from differing backgrounds and it was your unique tailoring of the instruction that made it so good.

William Hawkes

William Hawkes

The workshop was magical! Wowed and inspired by the opening AV presentation of her previous works, Ms. Morrison proceeded to conduct a thorough technical course in both the form and function of underwater image making. The construct of the workshop giving us more than enough practical knowledge to artfully apply our newly learned skills confidently in a session finale, shooting professional models…. UNDERWATER!  Thank You Mallory and crew for a truly ‘Immersive’ workshop.

About Mallory Morrison


Hi there! I’m Mallory Morrison and I am so looking forward to meeting you!  

A little bit about me, I was originally a studio dance photographer, using my extensive ballet background to connect with and direct my subjects. I eventually found the traditional studio too constrictive for my ideas, so I moved into the pool and have been shooting underwater for the past 15 years!   


I regularly sell fine art prints of my work to collectors in person at art shows, and online all over the world.  I also shoot commissioned portraits and license my images for a variety of commercial uses. This niche has allowed me to carve out a recognizable style and leave a lasting impression with art buyers and the photographic community.


For those of you already have a portrait photography business (like weddings, maternity, lifestyle, and family portraiture), this workshop will show you how you can use underwater portraiture to add additional options for your future clients.


What COVID-19 safety measures will you have in place during the workshop?

Given the ever-changing landscape that is 2021, the COVID-19 control and prevention measures that we plan to have in place during the workshop will evolve as the CDC recommendations and State of California restrictions evolve. Most of the workshop will be held outdoors, where there will be plenty of fresh air ventilation, and in the pool, where, according to the CDC, “[t]here is no evidence that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, can spread to people through water [in pools].” Personally, I will be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by the date of the workshop and I strongly encourage all participants to get vaccinated as well.

Will I have image rights to the photographs I take during the workshop?

At the beginning of the workshop, all the models, workshop participants and I, Mallory Morrison, will sign a master model release that grants sole and individual image rights to each photographer of the photographs he/she takes during the workshop.

Do I need a professional camera to participate in this workshop?

Yes. This workshop is designed to teach you how to shoot underwater portrait photography while using a professional quality DSLR or mirrorless camera. A basic point-and-shoot camera put in an underwater housing will not be an appropriate camera to bring to this workshop.

What lens should I plan to shoot with?

I recommend a 16-35mm or 17-40mm. Wide angle lenses are the best and the zoom adds versatility while shooting underwater. For example, I primarily shoot with a Canon 17-40mm f/4.  You’ll also want to make sure your lens has auto-focus. Focusing manually while shooting underwater can be extremely challenging and I strongly recommended against attempting it during this workshop.

Can I bring lighting equipment?

No lighting equipment is allowed during this workshop. We will be using the magic of the sun as our lighting source throughout the workshop. Also, since we will sometimes have two people shooting at a time, it keeps things much simpler without strobes.

Do I need to bring my own underwater housing for my camera?

Yes! You will need to bring, arrange to rent, or borrow a housing that fits your camera’s make and model. Due to liability concerns, I WILL NOT PROVIDE ANY UNDERWATER HOUSINGS DURING THE WORKSHOP. Underwater housing recommendations can be found on the registration page and in your “Know Before You Go” packet.

Do I need to have underwater photography experience to participate?

While you don’t need any experience in underwater photography to participate in this workshop, you should be proficient enough as a photographer to understand how to operate your camera in full manual mode. That said, no matter if you have shot underwater a few times, just tried it once before, or never tried it at all, this workshop will provide you with TONS of useful knowledge! I will be right there to help guide you, regardless of your experience level.

Can I bring my scuba gear?

No. Please do not bring your scuba gear or weight belts. During this workshop, we will be free diving only. We will provide weight belts for all participants. The pool is only 5’8” at its deepest point and we will have about 11 of us in the pool at once. There will be no need for scuba gear during the workshop, nor will there be any extra place to store it.

Do I need to be a strong swimmer?

You do not need to be an Olympic swimmer, but you should be comfortable treading water and holding your breath underwater. The pool is only 5'8” at its deepest point, so most participants will be able to touch the bottom of the pool while shooting. There is also a built-in bench along the length of the pool, so you can shoot from there as well.

How long do I need to hold my breath?

If you can hold your breath for at least 20 seconds, you will be in good shape for the workshop.  I will provide weight belts which help you take a big breath of air before going underwater and then effortlessly sink down to shoot. Since you will be in shallow water throughout the entirety of the workshop, you can easily pop your head up as much as you need to grab more air.

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